To use your meter, turn off all your faucets and water-using appliances (such as dish and clothes washers) and be sure no one in the household is using any water. Then go to your water meter and lift the cover of the meter dial. Note the position of the sweep-hand.  If you have a typical water meter, 

there should be no movement of the dials on the meter. Wait 20 to 30 minutes and check the sweep-hand location again. If the sweep-hand has moved, you probably have a leak somewhere in your system. If the small red diamond-shaped indicator on the face of the meter is moving, it also means you probably have a leak. Retest to be certain. Then locate the leak by inspecting all the pipes, fixtures and appliances that use water.

The most common leak is found in toilets. Your toilet may have a silent leak, or your toilet may sporadically run without flushing. You can check this by dropping a little food coloring in the tank. Wait about 10 minutes without flushing. If color appears in the bowl, you have a leak. You may  need to repair the flap and/or chain.           

If you determine you have a leak, we ask that you repair it as soon as possible to conserve water, which may mean you may need help from a plumber or a repair specialist. If you need assistance with reading your meter or have any questions, our staff would be glad to help. If you discover and repair a sizable leak, contact our office to see if you qualify for a leak adjustment on your bill. Please read below for Boring Water District's leak adjustment policies and tips to reduce water consumption.

Responsibility: Boring Water District is not responsible for a customer's leak or repair occurring beyond the water meter; the customer
must promptly locate and repair leaks or pipe damage. The customer is responsible for monitoring their month to month water usage. As a courtesy, the District may notify the customer if excessive water use is noted, but the District does not assume liability for failure to provide notification other than information on the regularly scheduled bill.



The policy applies to all Boring Water District accounts. As a customer courtesy, credits for leaks will be granted a maximum of two times over a five-yearperiod.

To receive a billing adjustment: 

1. When notification of a leak occurs by the District to the customer or by the customer to the District, a Leak Adjustment Request Form and a copy of this policy will be sent to the customer. This date will be considered the Notification Date. To request a form please contact the office.

2. Repair work must be completed and the form returned within 30 days of the Notification Date. If Item 2 is not accomplished within the 30 days, no adjustment will be made.

3. As requested on the form, the customer should provide a copy of the dated repair receipt from a plumber. If the customer chooses to fix the leak themselves,
they should provide copies of receipts for materials and pictures of the leak. If materials are not purchased, the customer should request direction from the District as to what will constitute proof of repair.                             


1. Excess water will be considered eligible for adjustment from the beginning of the current billing period up to the Notification Date. If a customer notifies the District within a week of receiving a higher than normal bill, that bill will be the eligible period for adjustment. The District will read the meter on the Notification

2. The District will give a courtesy adjustment for one-half of the water used during the eligible period that exceeds the normal average usage. I.e. 7000 cubic
feet is used during leak period. Normal usage is 1000 cubic feet. Adjustment would be for 3000 cubic feet. (7000cf minus 1000cf = 6000cf 6000cf divided
by 2 = 3000 cf adjustment) The portion of the water that is left on the bill will be billed at the District’s regular rates.

3. Bill payment will be due by the normal due date unless payment arrangements are made at the customer’s request.


1. A customer may appeal staff’s decision to the Board of Commissioners when: Staff determines that the customer does not qualify for a leak adjustment or if the customer disagrees with the amount of the leak adjustment.

2. A customer who chooses to appeal the staff decision must submit their reason for appeal in writing and should include any supporting documents. The Board of Commissioners will review the appeal at the next regular monthly meeting. Staff will convey the Board’s decision in writing to the customer within 30 days of the review. All decisions of the Board of Commissioners are final.












Eliminate Leaks - Reduce Your Water Bill

If your are concerned you have a leak use your water meter to test for leaks.