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Board Members and Staff

Board Members 

Board Position #2- Open Position

Steve Wiege

Vice-Chairman -  Board Member Since 2011

After moving to Boring in 1998, I realized the exceptional quality of water provided by the Boring Water District. To assure this pristine water supply is available in the future, at a competitive cost, will require planning and leadership.  I wish to give back to the community my business and IEC association leadership abilities to help ensure that the BWD is financially stable and moving forward in both growth and cost containment. I believe every resident of the BWD has valuable input concerning its future. I envision a time when the residents of Boring feel their input is welcomed, and have the knowledge that the BWD board is providing a high level of transparency and leadership.  While working with non-profit associations, I have been involved with the budget process at both the state and national levels through boom and bust times. This experience has taught me that you cannot just raise costs to balance the budget. As desperate times require thinking outside of the box and making sound short and long term business decisions.  I am able to bring to the Boring Water Board a wealth of experience as a business owner with a background of community involvement.  

Peter Hoffman 

Commissioner- Board Member since 2016

I transplanted as a full time resident of Boring in 2014, when I retired from my career in Arizona.  For 10 years prior to that I was a part time resident, commuting weekly between my job and home in Arizona and my wife’s home and farm here in Boring.  My wife Diane is an Oregon native and has lived in Boring since the 1970’s.  We love the Oregon life style and spend most of our time outdoors, either doing farm work or recreating which includes a lot of hiking and bicycling.
I received a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University.  I worked 28 years as an engineer for an electric and bulk water utility in Arizona.  Most of my career I provided computer software support for the electrical operations and control computer system, and for the bulk electric trading and supply business computer system. I also worked 5 years as a mechanical engineer in several other non-utility industries.
I was introduced to the Boring Water District through my attendance at the Boring CPO monthly meetings.  I am a big believer in the services provided by all forms of public utilities, and I believe they are vital to making communities as we know them possible. I believe in the not for profit, but for the good of the community model, and I am pleased that the BWD has done a good job of implementing that on a very local level here in Boring.  I am happy to dedicate some of my volunteer time to helping continue that achievement forward. It is an honor to fill out the term of Mr. Bob Boring, who recently resigned from the Board due to illness.
While living in Arizona, I gained experience as a board member on two non-profit boards.  I served 4 years on the board of the HOA where I lived, and I served as Treasurer most of that time.  I also served 3 years on the board of the Credit Union to which I have belonged to for over 30 years, and I served as Treasurer there also.  Both of those have provided me with valuable experience which I hope will serve me well in my role on the BWD board.  

Jim Zachrison 

Secretary/Treasurer - Board Member since 2013

Curtis Meier

 Board Member since 2023

Our Staff

Chris Alexander

District Manager

Loren Wilton

Field Superintendent

Sara Wrede

Office Manager

Office Assistant

Debbie Willard

Open Positions:
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